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Workplace Enforcer Package

The Workplace Enforcer package includes all of the bells and whistles of Workplace Basic, in addition to equipping your company with a full-time community administrator. As Workplace Champions, our administrators will play an intricate role in ensuring the flow of communication is consistent and smooth at all times. We will moderate all group posts and comments and jump into a conversation when necessary. Administrator activity would include the following events:

  • If a colleague has been tagged to a post and has not responded within 36 hours, we will retag them in order to maintain efficient communication.
  • If a post has been created within the wrong group, we will reroute that post to the correct group.
  • We will archive all completed projects and tasks by commenting and tagging the project administrator.
  • We will provide monthly Communication Efficiency reports to the firm administrators to display employee involvement and activity levels.
  • We will provide periodic Workplace updates to the entire company regarding new enhancements and features to the desktop, web and mobile apps.
  • Employees can “DM” (direct message) an Admin at any time for customer support.